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Double Kisses

Garage Beer

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Recuerdas Kisses? Esa SIPA del año pasado que tanto nos gustó elaborada con Azacca y Mosaic. Bueno, es momento de expandir el amor con DOUBLE KISSES! levantada con un cuerpo robusto y cremoso, esta edición esta petada de Azacca, Mosaic BBC y Mosaic T90.
Mosaic y Azacca es un combo ganador al que queríamos volver. Azacca le da tonos de mango maduro y cítricos junto a frutas de huerto y un toque de pino que complementa las notas de piña y mango de Mosaic.

Remember Kisses? That banging SIPA featuring Azacca, Mosaic from last year. Well it’s time to spread the love with Double Kisses! Pumped up with a big, creamy body this one is full of Azacca, Mosaic BBC, Mosaic T90. Mosaic, Azacca is a winning combo that we just had to return to. Azacca brings tonnes of overripe mango and citrus along with orchard fruits and a touch of pine which compliments the already pineapple and mango forward Mosaic. We have also used a particularly dank batch of Mosaic to give a slightly sweaty edge to this one.

8.5% ABV


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