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Lost in The Shuffle

Garage Beer

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This is a beer that we have been wanting to make for quite a few months but our shipment of the latest crop of Idaho 7 hops from the states has been delayed many times but finally it's here. Idaho 7 and Strata are two of the newer highly aromatic hops that have gained widespread liking in the last few years but we hadn't had the opportunity to pair them until now. And they are a happy couple. Both are hops that are highly aromatic but also very versatile giving plenty of notes of complexity to this DIPA. You'll find this one full of the juicy tropical and stone fruit flavours that we all love in hazy IPA but there are also layers of citrus, pine, freshly cut grass, black tea and Strata driven dank marijuana. We built the malt base on this with a base of extra pale ale malt, malted wheat and torrified wheat with a focus on smoothness.

8% ABV

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