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One Drop Brewing

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Step right up! Queens and Kings, Ladies and Gentlemen, by all the land gather round. A once-in-a-year spectacle is back and about to unfold before your tastebuds. Wonderland By Day is a suped-up IPA with South London's kings of Haze - Drop Project, UK. Round 2 see's us join in person by Drop Project co-founder JT. A mate from way back. Here we showcase a hybridised thiol-active yeast used in conjunction with the newest hops from the Northern Hemisphere hop harvest which gives us exploding hits of candied orange peel, yellow starburst, bitter orange, and fermented kumquat!
Limited seats in show - here for a good time, not a long time innit.

Collaboration with Drop Project

ABV 7.4%


440 ML CAN

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